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Care of Stevens Johnson Syndrome / Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

Supportive care
Supportive care you're likely to receive while hospitalized includes:

Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Stevens-Johnson syndrome — Comprehensive overview covers signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment of this severe skin disorder. ... Stevens-Johnson syndrome, ...


Drugs cause over 80% of all cases of SJS / TEN. However, 90-95% of TEN cases are caused only by medications. While there have been very rare reports of infections causing SJS and TEN, most of those case reports were published long before scalded skin syndrome and TEN were distinguished by biopsy, making these cases more likely to have been caused by a drug.

The rarity of these reports cast doubt on the reliability of information taken regarding drug intake, and doesn't change the fact that almost all cases of TEN are always caused by a single drug. NSAIDs have recently been recognized by the scientific community to be one of the leading causes of SJS and TEN.

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